PRoduction process

Every bag of Ultra Green Coffee goes through a meticulous manufacturing process, which consists of the following:



The finest unroasted beans are carefully combined with herbs moringa oliefera, mangosteen, graviola, bitter melon, bignay, and banaba to create one “ultra” caffeinated drink. Stevia is also added to the mix for a hint of sweetness. Once the ingredients are blended together using the ideal temperature, the mixture is turned into powder.



A packaging machine accurately measures and fills the powdered mixture into a packet. Rest assured that this process is 100% free from contaminants as we have been assessed and certified to meeting the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Each is sealed using a combination of heat and pressure.



The sachets pass through the conveying machine for sorting and quality control.



Ten sachets are manually assessed and placed inside one durable, resealable pouch.



Boxes are filled with a fixed number of Ultra Green Coffee pouches. Before the boxes are dispatched, each box is weighed on a digital scale to guarantee the product’s accuracy.

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